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Welcome to Ty-Amo!

Ty-Amo is very excited to introduce our first collection of gender inclusive ties, for everyone to enjoy! Bold in spirit, versatile by design, Ty-Amo ties go from neckties and headwraps to scarves, belts and back again. They’re infinitely wearable for all to enjoy, because style is personal and yet connects us all too!

Our Mission Ties It All Together

Ty-Amo strongly support equal rights and human rights for all.  We believe in the right to be accepted for who you are, how you love, and how you present in the world. This means breaking through stereotypes because human connection is the best education, and tolerance is one of life’s best teachers. 

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Ty-Amo Gender Inclusive Ties
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Where We Live (and Love!)

Your purchase makes a difference. Ty-Amo is proud to sketch, manufacture and hand-finish each of our tie designs in Maine, USA. We are happy in supporting local and regional manufacturing and industries 

Sheryl Horowitz founded Ty-Amo in 2018, in the hopes of reinventing the tie, its look and its meaning. She, as well as Ty-Amo, values individuality and has created a line of tie accessories to be worn in multiple ways, allowing people to express their individual style.  They share the values of millions in helping to encourage equality and empowerment for women and the LGBTQ communities.  Ty-Amo is proud to be the first gender-inclusive, non-binary tie company in production and looks forward to partnerships with other designers in future collections. 

Sheryl Horowitz has a son and a daughter, and has seen this societal struggle for equal rights as a single mom, as the mother of a young adult gay son and as the mother of a young adult daughter in graduate school. She hopes her ties will bring awareness to this cause and hopes that one day, there will be no need for awareness since there will be no need for this cause.

Sheryl Horowitz